Key Information before you Get started

Information to have on hand for a successful Stripe Connect Account registration.

  1. Bank Account Information including your branch address (to enable Stripe transfers of your sales proceeds to your personal bank account).
  2. Your ID and to verify your ID you will need to upload  a photo of the Front and back of your ID.

Step 1 - Set up Login Details

  1. Your DTM Email address will populate automatically
  2. If this is your first time on Stripe create a strong password
  3. Enter your Mobile number, continue
  4. Enter the verification you receive on the phone number you provided
  5. Save your emergency backup code

Step 2 -Set up Account basic details

Now you’re ready to set up the basics of your account including location and type of business.  Both are auto-filled by the platform.

Step 3 - Complete your Personal Details

Enter all your personal information in the form including your address and identification number.

Step 4 -Complete your Professional Details

It’s really important you fill in the following information:

  1. Industry - General Contractor
  2. Your website must be
  3. Product Description - Casual Seller

Step 5 - Complete your Payout Details

Enter your bank details to receive payouts from selling your items on DTM.

Selecting the correct Bank branch is important for your payout to succeed.  When searching for your bank branch, if you have an HSBC account for example, the branch number is the first 3 digits of your bank card.

Step 6 - Complete your Public Details and Climate Commitment

The Public Details

  1. Statement descriptor -  leave as is. 
  2. Shortened descriptor this works like a Username in Stripe.

Select your climate commitment (optional)

Step 7 - Review and Finish up

  1. Review all your information and update any missing or erroneous data. In your personal detail section there will be a note "Pending Verification".  This note is referring to verification of your identity, which will be complete once you have finished registering your account.
  2. Review and accept Stripe T&C to complete your account registration.
  3. Once you agree to the T&C, this will lead you to the main page (Dashboard) of your Stripe account.

Step 8 - Verify your Identification

In your Stripe account Dashboard you will see "Action required"

  1. Click on ‘Acton required’ and verify your Identification you selected when you created the account.
  2. If you’ve selected your HKID as your identification, upload the front and back images of your card.

Once you’ve verified your ID, your DTM Stripe Connect account should be activated.  Congratulations!