There is no arguing that giving to charity makes us feel good about ourselves.  It makes us feel connected to our community and our simple act of generosity can inspire those around us to do the same.  When it comes to donating goods it is important to manage your act of generosity so that it has the best impact on the community that you are trying to help.  

Donating items you no longer need is a great way to keep those items in circulation and out of landfills but putting some effort in finding the right charity that can best put your donation to use is even better.

Research ahead to find out what different charities need in your community.  Charities are not a dumping ground for your used goods so make the effort to give what is needed and wanted.  Due to Covid 19 some charities may have restrictions on the condition or type of things they may accept.  

Donate quality not quantity. Make sure your donation is in good working condition, think of the dignity and humanity of the person receiving your donation. Your donation is not just a reflection on you but also shows how you see your community; make sure  your item is not broken, ripped, stained, or is missing parts.  If you are donating anything electronic, test it before you give it.  For children’s games for example, check that the  games contain all the pieces or that books are not missing pages and for food items, check the expiry date.

Clean and pack your donations so that they are easily portable.  Make sure that the packaging is sturdy enough to make the journey.  You do not want your donation spilling out of a bag or crashing to the ground.  Try to keep your packaging green, a moving box is a good option and makes it easy to label your donations.  

Now that the hard work is done, complete the task. If you are donating multiple household items,  sort them by charity, contact each charity and arrange delivery/pickups.  Get your donations to the charity as soon as  possible, otherwise you could even end up with bags cluttering up a hallway/closet or worst second guessing yourself by going through the bags. 

Giving through donations, if done right, can be empowering, impactful and  bring you joy knowing you are helping someone else.  It will make you feel more connected to your community and in the end happier.  Giving is more important than ever so please check out our charity partners and see what you can do to help today.