Both selling and swapping are fantastic ways to a) keep household goods in circulation and out of landfills, b) claim back value, and c) help the community. You may sell or swap any household item that’s in good condition and meets DTM’s Community Guidelines. How you classify your post is entirely up to you. 

The following criteria might be helpful for deciding whether to swap or sell. Please bear in mind these are just general pointers. Do what works best for you!   

Preferred  Browsers

For optimal performance we recommend always updating to the latest version of your preferred browser especially on your laptop.  

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Stripe Account Setup

Key information to have on hand for a successful Stripe Connect Account registration.

  • Bank Account Information including your branch address (to enable Stripe transfers of your sales proceeds to your personal bank account).
  • Your ID and to verify your ID you will need to upload  a photo of the Front and back of your ID.
  • For Business Type, select INDIVIDUAL (This is a description of your personal account on DTM).
  • For Business URL, use (This Stripe account is related to your registered account on DTM).
  • For Type select Retail, followed by Household (there is not an exact category on retail for 2nd hand goods).

When to sell

  • Items of higher value.
  • Items you wish to reclaim a significant portion of the original cost.
  • Items you are not in a rush to sell.

When to swap

  • Items you are looking to trade quickly.
  • Items you are fine with reclaiming a smaller portion of the original cost.
  • Items you wish to donate all or a portion of the proceeds to a DTM Charity Partner.

Why Swap?

DTM’s unique swap concept provides another method of circulating second-hand items that creates value for DTM members and the wider community. Simple yet efficient, DTM swaps are easy to integrate into a sustainable lifestyle. Here are five great reasons to start swapping:

  • Swap transactions use DTM Credits.
  • You can donate a percentage of your swap proceeds to a local charity, boosting your positive social impact.  
  • DTM Credits enable flexible, multilateral swaps. 
  • DTM Credits are a common measure of value, making every trade equitable. You get to assign the Credit value of your swap item when you create your listing.

DTM swaps are a win-win-win for you, the person you’re swapping with, and our Charity Partners. Find out more about How to Swap.


When posting an item, presentation is everything. The better the photos, the faster the transaction. Make sure you have the best angles and lighting when photographing your items and include close-ups of all details and defects. For clothing and accessories, a photo of the item as worn can give buyers a clearer impression of how it looks on the body.

Get your photos ready

  • Use good lighting.
  • Clean your item beforehand.
  • Style and/or model the item.

Include additional photos that show interesting details as well as any damage, excessive wear, or stains.  

Be transparent 

It can be tempting to omit small imperfections in a bid to sell your piece faster. Don’t fall into this trap! It’s always better to be upfront about any and to establish your reputation as a trustworthy user. Honesty really is the best policy! 

Details matter

Write a thorough description for your listing, include the item’s brand, model, condition, colour, size, material, measurements, and origin. The more information you provide in your listing, the easier it is for other users to find your item.

Engage with the DTM community

Once your item’s online, be responsive. Check your chats and  answer any questions you receive from potential buyers or swappers. The more you engage, the more likely your item will be seen by the community.

Consider the season

Post items at the right time of year. Ski equipment might not sell so quickly in summer! 

Why the Chat function so important

When Buying/swapping an item, remember to start your chat before you add an item to your cart.  

The Chat function is the only way for buyers and sellers to connect and communicate with each other.  The chat is there for buyers to request additional information on the product from the seller, coordinate viewing time and to agree on handover locationtime and date

Good communication is key to any successful transaction and a positive experience for all parties involved.  Buyers and sellers, remember to be prompt, precise and keep it polite.

Checkout on DTM

DTM transaction payments are processed through 2 different payment portals depending on the transaction type:  1.  For HKD based transactions “SELL/BUY,” payments are processed through Stripe 2. For DTM Credit based transactions “SWAP/SWAP & DONATE,” DTM Credits transfers are processed through DTM.

When a user buys/tops up their DTM Credits, this payment  is processed through our third party payment provider Stripe.  Stripe levies a credit card processing fee for this DTM Credit purchase. (see Terms & Conditions). 


Whether for swap or for sale, pricing items can be tricky. Here are some factors to consider:

  • What you paid for the item.
  • How long you’ve had it.
  • The item’s condition.
  • How quickly you want to close the deal.
  • The price of similar listings.



You can choose from five condition levels when posting an item.

New – The item has never been used/worn.

Like New – The item is in excellent condition and shows no visible signs of wear.

Gently Used – The item has been used a few times but still looks great. It might have few minor defects, which must be clearly stated and photographed in the listing.

Well-Loved – The item has been worn or used many times but has been well maintained. Defects must be clearly stated and photographed.

Vintage – The item has been around for at least 20 years and may have minor defects, such as small stains, scratches, or even broken bits, but it still holds value for its uniqueness and rarity. Defects must be clearly stated and photographed 



The Marketplace has items from many different international brands, so sizes may vary. We have a sizing conversion chart to help you, but it’s always a good idea to check the brand’s website if you’re unsure how an item will fit. 

It is really important for sellers to provide key measurements of posted items. For clothing, key measurements are chest, waist, hips, sleeve length, and body length.


We do our best to keep the Directory up to date, but Hong Kong is a fast-moving market.  


  • Call ahead to avoid disappointment.
  • Bring your item to the shop.
  • Be very specific about what you want.



Your donation can be a lifeline to those in need within your community. 


  • Put everything in a garbage bag and dump it in a charity bin.  The majority of these types of donations end up in landfills.


  • Check that everything is in proper working order. 
  • Clean your items before donating.
  • Separate donations by category.
  • Find out what your local charities need. We update a list of needs for each of our Charity Partners on our Donate page.
  • Connect with our Charity Partners directly to arrange pick-up or delivery. Contacts can be found on the Donate page.