Buying & Selling Made Easy

You must be a registered user to buy and sell on DTM. The Marketplace features a comprehensive range of household items from categories including fashion & accessories, furniture, electronics, babies & toddlers, toys, books, home décor, and lifestyle & sports. Shopping for second-hand goods has never been easier.


You’re free to post any household item that’s in good condition and meets our Community Guidelines.  

*  Sign in/up and go to your profile to create a Stripe Account (for receiving payments). Once that’s done, click “Post Product”. 

*  Choose Transaction Type: SELL Upload photo(s) and complete your product details (brand, size, and description).

* Upload Details add photo(s) and enter product details (brand, size, categories and description).

*  Price your item in HKD.

*  Edit your handover preference, such as a convenient meeting time and location.

*  Check your listing details and post. Voila!

*  Sign in/up to browse the Marketplace.

*  Chat with the seller to learn more about the listing and to discuss handover arrangements. All sales are final, so ask questions beforehand!

*  Once you’ve confirmed your handover arrangements, add to cart then proceed to Checkout and click “Buy Now”.

*  Go to your Profile to review your Purchase History and rate your seller.

*  Enjoy your item!

Shop Sustainably with DTM


Every DTM sale rewards the buyer, the seller, the environment, and the community at large. By using the Marketplace, you are:

  • Giving once-loved items a second lease of life.
  • Keeping things circulating within the community.
  • Reducing your contribution to landfill waste.

Common Myths about Selling

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What can I sell?

A user may sell any household item that’s in good condition and meets DTM’s Community Guidelines. How you classify your listing is entirely up to you.

Can I change the price of active listings?

You may edit details and photos of active listings at any time.

What should I do if my item has a defect?

If your item has any damage or defects that you’re aware of, make sure you highlight all of them in your listing’s description and pictures. Honesty is part of how we foster mutual trust and respect within our community.