Swapping Made Easy

You must be a registered user to swap on DTM. To swap in the Marketplace, you’ll need DTM Credits. HKD 1 is equivalent to 1 DTM Credit. Our “currency” provides a standard measure of value that enables members to swap and donate easily on the platform. You can top up your Credits in blocks of 100 DTM anytime. When you’ve accumulated a minimum of 500 DTM, you can redeem your Credits for cash (see our Terms & Conditions).

*  Sign in/up and click “Post Product”.

*  Choose Transaction TypeSWAP or SWAP & DONATE. If you do not wish to donate to a DTM Charity Partner, click “Swap”. If you do wish to donate, click “Swap & Donate”. 

*  Upload Details add photo(s) and enter your product details (brand, size, categories and description).

*  Choose your DTM Charity Partner and select your Donation Percentage.

*  Swap Value in DTM credits. 1 DTM = HKD 1, so if you think your t-shirt is worth HKD 20, assign it a value of 20 DTM.

*  Edit your handover preference, such as a convenient meeting time and location.

*  Check your listing details and post. Voila!

*  Sign in/up to browse the marketplace.

*  Chat with the seller to learn more about the listing and to discuss handover arrangements. All swaps are final, so ask questions beforehand!

*  Once you’ve confirmed your handover arrangements, click Add to Cart.

*  Check your DTM Credit BalanceIf you don’t have enough Credits to complete a swap, the system will prompt you to top up.  

*  Proceed to Checkout and click “Buy Now”.

*  Go to your Profile to review your Purchase History and rate your seller.

*  Enjoy your item!

Benefits of Swapping

DTM’s swaps provide another method of circulating second-hand items that creates value for DTM members and the wider community. You’re free to swap any household item that’s in good condition and meets DTM’s Community Guidelines. Here are some great reasons to start swapping today:

  • You can boost your social impact by donating a percentage of swap proceeds to a DTM Charity Partner of your choice.
  • DTM Credits enable flexible and equitable swaps.
  • Lower fees. Swap transactions with donations have a discounted DTM transaction fee of 5% regardless of the donated amount.

Common Myths about Swapping

I’m ready – what’s next?

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What can I swap?

A user may swap any household item that’s in good condition and meets DTM’s Community Guidelines. How you classify your listing is entirely up to you.

How many items can I swap in the DTM Marketplace?

There is currently no limit on the amount of items you can swap in the Marketplace, as long as these items are from your own household. DTM is a platform for individual users ONLY and operating a business on the platform is strictly prohibited.

Can I transfer my DTM Credits to another user?


Why do I need DTM Credits to swap?

DTM Credits allow users to exchange goods on the platform. After swapping your item, you can use the DTM Credits earned to obtain a swap item posted by a different user.