Kindness, inclusivity, and respect are at the heart of the DTM community. This platform is a safe, fun, and welcoming environment where we can come together to buy, sell, swap, donate, fix, and learn. These guidelines ensure that everyone has the best possible experience while using our platform.

DTM’s Services

At DTM, we aim for a more holistic approach to sustainable living. To meet the different needs of our community, we offer the following services: 


This is where our registered members come to buy, sell, and swap household items from categories including fashion & accessories, furniture, electronics, babies & toddlers, toys, books, home décor, and lifestyle & sports. With a user-friendly interface, the Marketplace is designed for the best second-hand shopping experience.

Once you’ve signed up, you can post items that you wish to sell or swap. Your active listings and complete sales history are easy to view and manage, so you can keep track of how much value you’ve reclaimed from items you no longer use.


This is not your traditional barter. Here’s how it works:

When you post an item for a swap, you assign it a DTM Credit value. HKD 1 is equivalent to 1 DTM Credit. DTM Credits ensure an equitable swap that is also more flexible than a traditional one-to-one swap. 

For example, if you think your t-shirt is worth HKD 20, assign a DTM Credit value of 20 DTM. After swapping your t-shirt with Person A, you may use the 20 DTM earned to obtain swap items posted by Person B at a later date. This way, everyone gets what they want, when they want it. 

You can also choose to donate a percentage of the DTM Credits earned in a swap to any of our Charity Partners. Simply specify the donation percentage and recipient when posting your item.

You can top up your DTM Credit balance anytime. You can also redeem the HKD cash value of your DTM Credits once you have accumulated a minimum of 500 DTM.  

Swapping is an effortless way to keep items circulating within the DTM community and provide meaningful support to local charities.   


Users can access our Directory of vetted local repair shops to mend their goods and prolong their use. 


Users can consult with an expert to reimagine cherished old items.


Our team aims to match community needs with community resources. Through our Donate page, charities can broadcast their needs to the DTM community.  


We invite corporate ESG teams, educational institutions, and clubs to book workshops and organise pop-up swap events with DTM. Members can also find practical tips on sustainable living on our Blog. 

What NOT To Do on DTM

 Bullying and Harassment

We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind in content or conversation. This includes but is not limited to sending abusive, vulgar, or threatening messages, body shaming, and making sexual advances. Please immediately report any user engaging in this behaviour by contacting


Accounts promoting, encouraging, or distributing sexually explicit or pornographic content are prohibited.


We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. This includes but is not limited to discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability. 


We do not tolerate threats of violence towards another user. This includes but is not limited to death threats, scare tactics, and hate speech. 


We do not allow the promotion of self-harm, including self-injury and eating disorders. 

Prohibited and Restricted Items

We will remove any illegal items such as drugs, weapons, and counterfeit items from our site. The list of prohibited and restricted items below is not exhaustive; it is intended only as a guide and is subject to change without notice. DTM reserves the right to determine what items are or are not allowed to be posted on our website and app at any time. We may remove items that are not listed below if we decide that they are offensive, in breach of our terms, or harmful in any way.

  • Adult material and nudity

  • Advertisements

  • Alcohol

  • Animals and wildlife products

  • Counterfeit items

  • Credit cards

  • Data banks, mailing lists, and personal information

  • Drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Drop shipping

  • Food and edible items

  • Firearms, weapons, and military items

  • Fireworks and kit for their implementation

  • Government, transit, and shipping-related items

  • Government documents, IDs, and licences

  • Hazardous materials

  • Human remains, organs, and body parts

  • Lock-picking and locksmithing devices

  • Lotteries and giveaways

  • Medicines, medical devices, and healthcare products

  • Offensive material, including items that promote or display violence, discrimination, hate, and crime

  • Perfumes and cosmetics

  • Recalled items

  • Seeds

  • Services

  • Software

  • State or public agency assets

  • Artistic, historical, and archaeological properties

  • Stocks and other securities

  • Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers

  • Technology

  • Tickets

  • Vouchers, gift cards, digital and non-material goods

  • Used undergarments and swimwear

  • Female sanitary products

Counterfeit Items

We do not allow counterfeit items, imitations, replicas, and fake branded products, which we see as a serious infringement on intellectual property rights. Users who buy, sell, or swap counterfeit items may be permanently suspended from DTM.

Operating a Business

DTM is a platform for second-hand goods from individual users only. Operating a business on the platform or producing items expressly for the purpose of selling in our Marketplace is strictly forbidden.

Personal Information

Do not disclose any private information of yourself or others, including phone numbers, postal addresses, email addresses, bank details, usernames, and other similar details.


Do not use images that you didn’t take yourself or do not have permission to use.  


This includes but is not limited to any form of self-promotion and multiple messages asking users to buy, sell, or swap. 

Taking a Transaction Off the Platform

Our community is built on mutual respect, integrity, and trust. Taking transactions and conversations offline not only puts our users at risk but also breaks down the community.  We cannot support our users if this rule is not followed and as such we ask you to stay on DTM throughout the whole sale or swap transaction, from communicating to receiving and making payments. This way, we can try to help you in case something goes wrong.

Refunds and Returns

All completed sale and swap transactions are FINAL, so make sure you have done your due diligence before you check out. 

Posting Goods for Free

The Marketplace is intended to help our community reclaim some value from unwanted household goods. If you wish to give away items, please see what our Charity Partners need and donate to them directly.

Manipulating Ratings

As a community, we rate to hold each other accountable. Ratings are based on completed transactions only. Any attempts to inflate, deflate, or otherwise manipulate a user’s rating undermines trust and is prohibited. 

Holding Multiple Accounts

Each user may only create one account.

Collecting User Data

Any mining of our users’ personal data or any content, including images found on the platform, is strictly prohibited without prior permission from DTM.

Not Playing by the Rules

Any user who violates our Community Guidelines may receive a warning email or have their account temporarily or permanently suspended without warning. 

What To Do on DTM

Curate Your Shop

Posting items is easy, but getting people interested takes more thought. Your Catalogue is a chance to share your personal style and aesthetic with the community. Take the time to present your items well in your photos and descriptions.

Build Trust

Whether selling, swapping, or buying, establish your reputation as a trustworthy user by being prompt, responsive, honest, and accountable.

Practice Good Communication

We believe good communication is key to any successful transaction. If you’re interested in an item, ask questions before you check out so you know exactly what you’re getting. This is important as all sales and swaps are final and we do not want anyone to be disappointed. 

If you’re posting an item, provide as much detail about it as possible and respond to questions in an honest and timely manner.

Report Breaches

Community is at the heart of DTM and our Community Guidelines are intended to create a positive and safe experience for everyone on our platform. Reporting inappropriate behaviour helps to foster trust, mutual respect, and accountability within our community. 

Find a Bargain

There are so many quality products circulating within the community. Before you buy new, check out what bargains are available in the Marketplace.

Feed Your Interest

Want to try a new hobby? From sports to music, the Marketplace is a great site to source what you need while saving money.

Connect with DTM’s Charity Partners

Visit our Donate page to learn more about the organisations we work with and the communities they serve.

Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know about DTM! We hope that by transforming attitudes to second-hand shopping and making sustainable practices accessible, we can collectively make a positive impact on our society and our environment. The best way to inspire individual change is through word of mouth, so please help us spread the word.

If you have a favourite vendor that isn’t listed in our Fix Directory or know a charity that you think can benefit from partnering with DTM, please contact We’d love to hear from you.